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Temperature Meter Gun

Temperature Meter Gun

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This top-notch thermometer, crafted from durable high-quality ABS material, promises longevity and reliability. It offers hassle-free installation and operation, powered by AAA batteries for extended, continuous usage without frequent replacements. This device stands out with its multifunctional capabilities, enabling one-click measurements of environmental temperature, humidity, dew point temperature, and the surface temperature of objects. Users can effortlessly switch between measurement units to suit their needs.

Each package includes the thermometer, a user manual, and a box. For the IR02A/B/C models, a cloth bag is provided for convenient storage and transport, while the IR02B/C models also come with a temperature probe for enhanced functionality. The advanced 800C model features a wide temperature range from -50 to 800°C, 13 laser points for precise targeting, a thermocouple function for accurate temperature readings, and includes a temperature probe. It also measures ambient temperature, humidity, dew point, and warns of potential mildew conditions, making it an essential tool for a wide range of applications.

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