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Work Safety Belt

Work Safety Belt

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The Full Body Harness, available in a sleek blue-grey color, combines both form and function for your safety needs. Made with durable polyester and reinforced with alloy steel fittings, this harness is built to provide both comfort and reliability. Designed to accommodate a wide range of body sizes, it features an adjustable waist size from 80 to 125cm, leg circumference from 50 to 80cm, and is suitable for individuals with a height of 160 to 200cm.

This versatile harness is ideal for a variety of high-risk activities and professional tasks, including power construction, mountain climbing, high-altitude operations, project protection, external wall cleaning, and fire rescue operations. With its robust construction and wide scope of application, it ensures maximum safety and confidence in demanding environments. Additionally, the harness is CE certified, meeting the rigorous safety standards required within the European Economic Area for health, safety, and environmental protection. This certification highlights the harness's quality and reliability, making it an essential safety tool for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

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